Entering results

Enter test results by selecting a template, loading expected specimens, and entering results.

Before you begin

Before entering test results, you must already have created a template.

About this task

Figure: Test Result Entry screen


  1. On the Tools menu, click Test Result Entry.
  2. Click the Result tab.
  3. In the Select a template box, select a template for data entry.
  4. Optional: In the Optional Filter Criteria box, apply any needed filters on the results to be displayed for entry.
  5. Click Load Results.
  6. For each row, enter the following information:
    • Household tester
    • QA tester
    • Geenius Tester
    • Assay results (one column per assay)
    • Final result

    Household tester, QA tester, and Geenius tester must be in the format 2_lettersS3_numbers (such as AAS123)


    Be careful when entering the Household Tester. Total and negative results are counted per household tester

  7. After entering all results, click the Save button in the LDMS toolbar.