Assigning assays to specimens

Specimens must be flagged for testing on a test before assay results can be entered in LDMS.

About this task

The Assign Tests tool can be used to assign many specimens to an assay at once. First you indicate the criteria for the specimens that you want to add. For example, the specimens might be from the same group or within a specific received date range. Next, you select the specimens that met your search criteria that you want to assign an assay. Finally, you select the assay to be assigned.

Tip: If you have a list of global specimen IDs for specimens that you want to assign tests to, you can click Load From File instead of searching for specimens. The list must be a text file with example one global specimen ID per line.

Figure: Assign Tests

Assign Tests


  1. On the Tools menu, click Assign Tests.
  2. Drag one or more specimen criteria from the Available Criteria list to the Selection Criteria list.
  3. For each criteria selected, do the following.
    • In the Op column, select how the criteria should be applied.
    • In the Value column, select or enter the value for the criteria.
  4. Optional: In the Criteria Sentence box, enter how you want the criteria applied, using the numbered rows in the Selection Criteria list.
    If this box is left blank, criteria will be applied as 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND ....

    The following example indicates that on specimens for the FRONTIER group that have the condition SAT or FRO should be listed.

    Field Op Value
    Condition = SAT
    group = FRONTIER
    Condition = FRO

    Criteria Sentence: 2 AND (1 OR 3)

  5. On the Database menu, click Execute.
    The specimens available to be assigned an assay will appear in the Select Samples list.
  6. In the Select Samples list, click the specimens to be assigned an assay.
  7. In the Select a Test list, select the assay to be assigned.
  8. Click Assign Selected Test.