Roche COBAS UltraSensitive

The Roche COBAS UltraSensitive comes with two pre-configured templates.

Assay Number of controls Controls/Expected Values Serial Dilutions
Roche COBAS UltraSensitive 4 VQA 0, 150, 1,500, 15,000 1:9
Roche COBAS UltraSensitive Ampliprep 4 KN (kit negative), KLP (kit low positive), KHP (kit high positive), and V (VQA control with expected value of 1500) 1:10

The expected values for VQA controls will be displayed on the Preview tab before running the assay. The most plates recommended in a kit control assay is four. LDMS will automatically move controls to a new plate if a new plate is added while adding specimens. If there are more than four plates, a VQA control with an expected value of 1,500 will be added to the fifth (and all subsequent) plates.