LDMS supports version 1.0 and 1.5 of the Roche HIV DNA PCR (version 1.0 is simply labeled Roche HIV DNA PCR without a version number). These assays are found under the category DNA PCR on the Assay Selection tab.

Before you begin

To run a DNA assay in LDMS, you must rename the two VQA blinded controls at the beginning of the assay plate to match the actual VQA blinded controls that you will be using. If you add more VQA blinded controls, those will need to be renamed as well.

About this task

Figure: Blind control well. A VQA blinded control well as it appears in LDMS. Notice that the expected value (E:) is hidden and the control is labeled as BLND.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • To rename a control, right-click the well with the VQA blinded control and select Modify Control.
    • To add a new VQA blinded control, click Blinded Controls
  2. Enter or select the VQA blinded control.

    If you are looking for a VQA blinded control that is not listed, try performing an export, which will download and install the latest deploy updates. If that does not work, contact LDMS User Support for assistance. If you have added more than 10 specimens to a single PCR assay plate, LDMS expects you to add more VQA blinded control. To add more VQA blinded control, click Blinded Controls.

    Figure: Modify control screen for PCR assays. The PCR version 1.0 (left) and version 1.5 (right) screens, accessed by right-clicking on a VQA blinded control and selecting Modify Control.


When running the assay, LDMS expects 2 different results files: one for the specimen plate and another for the control plate. Single plate runs require special consideration and setup.

After reading all plates in the assay's output, LDMS will show you the results on the Results tab. You can generate an exportable version of these results by clicking the Reports button from the LDMS toolbar.