Condition codes

This section lists the specimen condition codes available in LDMS.

Code Description
ANM Sample Anonymized
ANP Aliquot not prepared
BKV Broken or cracked vial
BLD Bloody
CDT Consumed During Testing
CLT Clotted
CMB Combined Aliquots
COC Combination of Conditions (Explain)
CTM Contaminated
DCF Data Clarification Form
DCG Discharge present
DFB Difficult Bleed
DIM Dry Ice Melted
DMG Damaged container
DSH Delayed Shipment
DSR Destroyed
EQF Equipment Failure
EXP Expired
FRO Frozen
HEM Hemolyzed
HUM Exposed to high humidity
ICT Icteric (Excess Bilirubin)
INT Incorrect Tube
INV Invalid Specimen
LBE Lab Error
LIP Lipemic
LKD Leaked
LLT Local Lab Testing
LSH Lost Shipment
LYS Lysed
NOT No Test Performed
NQA RT QA for viability and recovery NOT done due to low volume
NST Did Not Consent to Storage
OPR Sample drawn outside protocol requirements
OSW Specimen drawn outside of protocol-defined visit window
OTH Other (Explain)
PST Processed after Specified Time
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient
REF Refrigerated
RLB Re-labeled
SAT Satisfactory
SHV Short volume
SNC Sample not collected
SNP Specimen not processed
SNR Sample Not Received,CRF Received
TNO Shipping/storage temperature not optimal/warmed
TRM Testing Remnant
TWD Thawed
UNK Unknown condition
VPL Viability percent may be less than the expected parameter
VRU Viable recovery may be outside expected parameters (higher or lower)
YST Did Consent to Storage