Derivative codes

This section lists the derivative codes available in LDMS.

Code Description
A4N Activated CD4+ without Tregs
AD4 Activated CD4
AD8 Activated CD8 Derivative
ADG Adrenal Glands
ADL Adipose Tissue Layer
ADP Adipose (abdominal)
AHR Non-Occipital scalp hair
AMN Amniotic Fluid
AOR Aorta
APL Applicator Tip
ASP Aspirate
BAC Bacterial Isolate
BAL Bronchoalveolar Lavage
BCL B-cell Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
BHR Hair, Body
BLA Bladder
BLC Blood Clots
BLD Blood (Whole - Venous)
BLK Tissue Block
BMA Bone Marrow Aspirate
BMC Bone Marrow Core Biopsy
BMK Human Milk
BML Human Milk - Left
BMR Human Milk - Right
BMS Human Milk - Spun
BMW Human Milk - Whole
BNM Bone Marrow
BPS Biopsy
BRN Brain Tissue
BRS Breast Tissue
BSG Basal Ganglia
BUC Buccal
BUF Unficolled Cryopreserved Buffy Coat, Viable
BUG Bulbourethral Glands
CAN Candida
CCC Cryopreserved Cells from a Culture, Viable
CD4 CD4 Positive T-Cells
CD8 CD8 cells
CDE Caudate
CDP Dry Pellet from a Culture, Non Viable
CEL PBMC Cells, Viable
CEN Fresh Cells from a Non-Blood Spec. Type
CER Cervix
CGN Cells in GITC
CIO Cells in Other (Solution), Non-Viable
CLI Cell Lines
CLL Colon (left)
CLN Cryopreserved primary cells from Non-Blood Spec Type, Viable
CLR Colon (right)
CLS Sigmoid Colon
CMV CytoMegaloVirus Isolate
CRB Cerebellum
CRY Generic Cryptococcus
CSF Cerebro-Spinal Fluid
CSR Serum - Chilled
CTB Cytobrush
CTC Cells from a CTL Assay
CTS Supernatant generated from a CTL Assay
CVL Cervical Vaginal Lavage
CVS CVL Supernatant
CXS Cervical Swab
DBE Dried Blood Extract
DBS Dried Blood Spot
DDM Duodenum
DPE Plasma, Dried Extract
DPL Plasma, Dried
DPS Dried Plasma Spot
DSP Digested Sputum
DUR Dried Urine
DWB Dried Whole Blood
ED4 Effector Memory CD4 T-cells
END Endometrial Tissue
EPI Epididymus
EPP Endodontic Paper Point
ESO Esophagus
FCM Frontal Cortex (motor)
FCP Frontal Cortex (pre-motor)
FGN Finger Nails
FHR Hair, Facial
FLD Fluid Portion from a Non-Blood Specimen Type
FLS Flocked Swab
FLT Fallopian Tubes
FPL Plasma, Filtered
FSI Penis Foreskin, Inner Tissue
FSO Penis Foreskin, Outer Tissue
FSR Rectal Biopsy by Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
FTP Filter Paper
GLS Glycerol Stock
GMI Gastro Intestinal Mucosa
GRN Granulocytes
HAR Hair
HPC Hippocampus
HRT Heart
ICK Supernatant generated from Inducible Cytokines
ILM Ileum
IPK Methanol Extract Supernatant
IPT Immunophenotyping
IVR Intra vaginal Ring
IVS Intraventricular Septum
JJM Jejunum
KDY Kidney
LAT Left Atrium
LAV Lavage
LDB Leukodepleted blood
LIV Liver Tissue
LNA Lymph Node (aortic)
LNC Lymph Node (cervical)
LNE Pre-auricular Lymph Node
LNF Infraclavicular Lymph Node
LNG Lung
LNI Inguinal Lymph Node
LNK Popliteal Lymph Node
LNM Lymph Node (mediastinal)
LNO Lymph Node (other)
LNP Lymph Node (per-hilar)
LNR Para-aortic Lymph Node
LNS Supraclavicular Lymph Node
LNT Mesenteric Lymph Node
LNX Lymph Node (axillary)
LPD Lipid Layer
LPK Leukopak
LVE Left Ventricle
LYM Lymph Node Biopsy/Aspirate
LYS Lysed whole blood
MBR Midbrain Consists of Cerebral Penduncles and Tectum
MCL Macrophage Cells - Viable
MCS Microbiology Culture Slant
MD4 Central Memory CD4 T-cells
MDC Myeloid Dendritic Cells
MEC Meconium
MED Medulla
MNO Monocytes
MPE Macrophage Dried Cell Pellet, Non Viable
MTB MTB Isolates
MUC Mucins
MUS Mucous
N/A Not Applicable - Same as Primary Specimen Type
NA4 Non-activated CD4
NA8 Non-activated CD8
NCL Neutrophil (PMN) - Viable cells
ND4 Naive CD4 T-cells
NKC Natural Killer Cells
NON None
NPE Neutrophil (PMN) Dried Cell Pellet, Non Viable
NPW Nasopharyngeal Wash
NTM Nontuberculous mycobacteria
NXD Non-extracted DNA
OCC Occipital Cortex
OHR Occipital scalp hair
OPC Ova & Parasite Concentrate
OTH Other
OVR Ovaries
PAD Adipose (pericardial)
PCC Culture Supernatant and Cells
PCF Pericardial Fluid
PCT Parietal Cortex
PDC Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells
PED Dried Pellet - Digene
PEL Non-viable PBMC s
PEN Non-viable cells from non-blood specimen type
PEO Wet Pellet Prep - Organon Teknika
PER Dried Pellet - Roche
PFR Parotid Flow
PHR Hair, Pubic
PL* Plasma, All
PL1 Plasma, Single-Spun
PL2 Plasma, Double-Spun
PLA Plasma, Unspecified/Other
PLC Placental Tissue
PLH Plasma High Spin
PLM Placenta - Membrane Slice
PLP Supernatant & Cells from a Quantitative Culture
PLQ Plaque
PLT Placenta - Placenta Slice
PMD Plasmids
PON Pons
PNC Pancreas
PPK Plasmapak
PPS Periopaper Strip
PRO Prostate
PTF Peritoneal Fluid
PTY Parathyroid
RAT Right Atrium
RBC Red Blood Cells
RCT Rectum
RD4 Resting CD4 T-cells
REC Rectal
RVE Right Ventricle
SAL Saliva
SCC Spinal Cord Cervical
SCL Spinal Cord Lumbosacral
SCP Scraping
SCT Spinal Cord Thoracic
SDI Supernatant Dermis, Inner
SDO Supernatant Dermis, Outer
SEC Secretions
SEI Supernatant Epidermis, Inner
SEM Semen
SEO Supernatant Epidermis, Outer
SER Serum
SHR Hair, Scalp
SKN Skin
SLD Slide from a primary sample
SMD Skeletal Muscle (distal)
SMP Skeletal Muscle (proximal)
SMR Smear
SMV Seminal Vesicle
SNO SNO - Strip
SPG Sponge
SPI Unfractioned Sputum, Induced
SPL Spleen
SPQ Supernatant from a Quantitative Culture
SPT Unfractioned Sputum
SRH Serum - High Speed Spun
STK Quantitative Culture Held beyond 14 Days
STL Stool
STM Stomach
STP Sterile Tooth Pick
SUP Culture Supernatant
SVG salivary glands
SWB Swab
SWS Stimulated Whole Saliva
TBD Specimen type to be defined
TCX Temporal Cortex
TD4 Transitional Memory CD4 T-cells
TFS Tear-Flo Strips
THL Thalamus
THW Throat Wash
THY Thymus
TIS Tissue
TNA Toe Nails
TON Tonsillar Biopsy/Aspirate
TR4 T regs CD4+
TRC Trucount
TRN Transverse
TST Testes
TTH Tooth
TUM Tumor
TYD Thyroid
UMB Placenta - Cord Slice
UNK Unknown Derivative
URN Urine
UTS Uterus
UWS Unstimulated Whole Saliva
VAG Vaginal
VCP Vaginal Cup
VGN Vagina
VTM Viral Transport Media
W/D Wet/Dry
WBP Whole Blood Pellet, Specify Methodology
WEK Wick/Wek Cell Sponge
WFC Unstimulated whole blood cell, lysed , fixed, frozen (with DMSO) for flow
WFS Stimulated whole blood cells, lysed, fixed, frozen (with DMSO) for flow
WPK Whole Blood Packed
XDA Extracted DNA
XFL Extracted Fluid from RNA RT PCR for Sequencing
XPA Extracted RNA
XPD Extracted Pellet from DNA PCR for Sequencing
XPR Extracted Pellet from RNA RT PCR for Sequencing
XTN Extracted total nucleic acid