Primary codes

This section lists all of the available primary codes in LDMS

Code Description
ADG Adrenal Glands
ADP Adipose
AHR Non-Occipital scalp hair
AMN Amniotic Fluid
ANL Anal
AOR Aorta
APP Air Pollution Particles
ARB Rectal Biopsy by Anoscopy
ARL Breast Areola
ART Arterial Blood Draw
ASC Ascending Colon
BAL Bronchoalveolar Lavage
BHR Hair, Body
BLA Bladder
BLC Blood Clots
BLD Blood (Whole - Venous)
BMA Bone Marrow Aspirate
BMC Bone Marrow Core Biopsy
BMK Human Milk
BML Human Milk - Left
BMR Human Milk - Right
BNE Bone
BNM Bone Marrow
BRB Bronchoscopy Brush
BRN Brain Tissue
BRS Breast Tissue
BSG Basal Ganglia
BUC Buccal
BUG bulbourethral glands
CAT Coronary Artery
CCD Common Carotid
CDE Caudate
CER Cervix
CLL Colon (left)
CLR Colon (right)
CLS Sigmoid Colon
CRB Cerebellum
CRD Cord Blood
CRN Colorectal Neoplasm
CSC Cervical Secretion
CSF Cerebro-Spinal Fluid
CVB Cervical Biopsy/Aspirate
CVF Cervicovaginal Fluid
CVL Cervical Vaginal Lavage
CVM Cervical Mucous
CXC Cervical Culturette
CXS Cervical Swab
DDM Duodenum
DIA Dialysate
DPL Dried Plasma
DRG Dorsal Root Ganglia
DSC Descending Colon
DTC Distal Colon
DWB Dried Whole Blood
DWM Deep White Matter
EBC Exhaled Breath Condensate
END Endometrium
ENV Environmental
EPI Epididymus
EPS Expressed Prostatic Secretions
ESO Esophagus
EVX Endocervix
EYE Corneal Tissue
FAT Femoral Artery
FCM Frontal Cortex (motor)
FCP Frontal Cortex (pre-motor)
FGN Finger Nails
FHR Hair, Facial
FLT Fallopian Tubes
FSC Sigmoid Colon Biopsy by Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
FSI Penis Foreskin, Inner Tissue
FSK Penis Foreskin, Whole Tissue
FSO Penis Foreskin, Outer Tissue
FSR Rectal Biopsy by Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
FST Blood from Fingerstick (capillary)
GAS Gastric Secretions
GCF Gingival Crevicular Fluid
GLN Glans
GLS Glycerol Stock
GLU Genital Lesion/Ulcer
GMI Gastro Intestinal Mucosa
HAR Hair
HPC Hippocampus
HRT Heart
HST Blood from Heelstick (capillary)
ICD Internal Carotid
ILM Ileum
INT Intestinal Biopsy/Aspirate
INW Induction Waste
IVR Intra-vaginal Ring
IVS Intraventricular Septum
JJM Jejunum
KDY Kidney
KID Kidney Biopsy
LAL Lymph Node Axillary-left
LAR Lymph Node Axillary-right
LAT Left Atrium
LBL Large Bowel
LBT Lateral Border of the Tongue
LIL Lymph Node Inguinal-left
LIR Lymph Node Inguinal-right
LIV Liver Tissue
LNA Lymph Node (aortic)
LNC Lymph Node (cervical)
LNE Pre-auricular Lymph Node
LNF Infraclavicular Lymph Node
LNG Lung
LNI Inguinal Lymph Node
LNK Popliteal Lymph Node
LNM Lymph Node (mediastinal)
LNO Lymph Node (other)
LNP Lymph Node (per-hilar)
LNR Para-aortic Lymph Node
LNS Supraclavicular Lymph Node
LNT Mesenteric Lymph Node
LNX Lymph Node (axillary)
LPK Leukopak
LSG Labial Salivary Gland
LUE Lung, Excised
LUF Lung, Filter Paper
LVE Left Ventricle
LYM Lymph Node Biopsy/Aspirate
MBR Midbrain Consists of Cerebral Penduncles and Tectum
MCP Prefrontal Medial Cortex
MEC Meconium
MED Medulla
MEN Dura Mater – Meninges
MES Mesentery
MFP Placenta Membranes
MSB Main Stem Bronchus Wash
MTC Motor Cortex
NAS Nasal
NPH Nasopharyngeal
NPW Nasopharyngeal Wash
NRH Naso-oropharyngeal
NSB Nasal brush
OCC Occip Cortex
OCL Ocular
OHR Occipital scalp hair
OPW Oropharyngeal Wash
ORH Oropharyngeal
ORL Oral
OTH Other
OVR Ovaries
PAD Adipose (pericardial)
PAN Perianal
PCF Pericardial Fluid
PCT Perietal Cortex
PEN Penis
PFL Pleural Fluid
PFR Parotid Flow
PHR Hair, Pubic
PHX Pharynx
PLC Placental Tissue
PLM Placenta - Membrane Slice
PLN Peritrach Lymph Nodes
PLP Polyp
PLQ Plaque
PMD Plasmids
PNC Pancreas
PON Pons
PPK Plasmapak
PRC Premotor Cortex
PRO Prostate
PRT Prostate Tissue Biopsy
PTF Peritoneal Fluid
PTY Parathyroid
RAT Right Atrium
RCT Rectum
REC Rectal
RSC Rectosigmoid Colon
RVE Right Ventricle
SAD Subcutaneous Adipose
SAL Saliva
SCC Spinal Cord Cervical
SCL Spinal Cord Lumbosacral
SCR Scrotum
SCT Spinal Cord Thoracic
SEM Semen
SHR Hair, Scalp
SIN Sputum, Induced Non-Select
SIS Sputum, Induced Select
SKN Skin
SLU Skin Lesion
SMD Skeletal Muscle (distal)
SMP Skeletal Muscle (proximal)
SMV Seminal Vesicle
SPI Sputum, Induced
SPL Spleen
SPS Sputum, Spontaneous
SPT Sputum
SSN Sputum, Spontaneous Non-Select
SSS Sputum, Spontaneous Select
STL Stool
STM Stomach
SVG Salivary Glands
TBD Specimen type to be defined
TCA Tracheal Aspirate
TCX Temporal Cortex
TER Tears
THD Thoracic Duct
THL Thalamus
THR Throat Swab
THW Throat Wash
THY Thymus
TIL Terminal Ileum
TNA Toe Nails
TNG Tongue
TON Tonsillar Biopsy/Aspirate
TRN Transverse
TST Testes
TTH Tooth
TUM Tumor
TVC Transverse colon
TYD Thyroid
UMB Placenta - Cord Slice
UNK Unknown Primary
URN Urine
UTH Urethra
UTS Uterus
VAG Vaginal Swab
VCS Cervicovaginal Secretions
VGL Vaginal
VGN Vagina
VSC Vaginal Secretions
VUL Vulva
WAR Warts