Sub additive/derivative codes

This section lists the sub additive/derivative codes available in LDMS.

Code Description


1 o'clock biopsy position

02C 2 o'clock biopsy position
03C 3 o'clock biopsy position
04C 4 o'clock biopsy position
05C 5 o'clock biopsy position
06C 6 o'clock biopsy position
07C 7 o'clock biopsy position

8 o'clock biopsy position

09C 9 o'clock biopsy position
10C 10 o'clock biopsy position
11C 11 o'clock biopsy position
12C 12 o'clock biopsy position
14D Tooth #14 Distal Buccal
14M Tooth #14 Mesial Buccal
19D Tooth #19 Distal Buccal
19M Tooth #19 Mesial Buccal
24M Tooth #24 Mesial Buccal
25D Tooth #25 Distal Buccal
30D Tooth #30 Distal Buccal
30M Tooth #30Mesial Buccal
3DB Tooth #3 Distal Buccal
3MB Tooth #3 Mesial Buccal
562 K562 Cell Line
8MB Tooth #8 Mesial Buccal
9DB Tooth #9 Distal Buccal
ACD Acid Citrate Dextrose
ADA Adenosine Deaminase
ADJ Adjuvant
AEB Qiagen AE Buffer
AFS Alsever's Freezing Solution
AG1 ESAT 6-free cocktail 1
AG2 ESAT 6-free Cherry pick
AMB Amber Vial
ANT Antigen
APR Aprotinin
ASC Ascorbate (Vit C)
ATC Animal Tumor Cell Line
ATG TB Antigen
AUO Auramine O
AVE Qiagen Buffer AVE
BCG Bacille Calmette-Gu�rin
BCL B-cell Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
BFM Bacterial Freezing Media
BHT Butylated hydroxytoluene
BLK Tissue Block
BML Breast - Left
BMR Breast - Right
BSA Bovine Serum Albumin
BSS Blood Stabilizing Solution
BTM Biopsy Transfer Media
CAN Candida (CASTA)
CBS Cellbanker Solution
CCM CareHPV Collection Medium
CD4 CD4 cells
CD8 CD8 cells
CFM Cell Freezing Media
CME Culture Media
CMV CytoMegaloVirus
CON Control
CSC Cervical secretions
CSP Cytospin Slides
CVA Complete Vaccine
CYT Cytokines
DCF 2 - deoxycoformycin.
DMS DMSO used in cryopreservation solution (CPS)
DPH Wyeth Ayerst Diphtheria Antigen
DPL Depleted Cell Populations
DTM Digene/Qiagen Specimen Transport Medium
DTT Dithiothreitol
ETH Ethanol
FBS Fetal Bovine Serum
FMA Formic Acid
FMD Formaldehyde
FOR Formalin
FPR Filter Paper
FRS First Spin
FRZ Frozen
FUN Fungal Broth
GAG HIV GAG envelope peptide
GIT Guanidine Isothiocyanate (GITC)
GLM Glycerol Media
GLT Glutaraldehyde
GLY 20% Glycerol
GMS Giemsa Staining
GRS Gram Stain
H&E Hematoxylin and Eosin stain
H2O Water
HBS Hank's Balanced Salt Solution
HCl Hydrochloric Acid

Human Pappilloma Virus Serology


Human Pappilloma Virus

HTC Human Tumor Cell Line
I18 IL-18
I1b IL-1b
IAP Iodoacetic Acid/Phenanthrolene
IgG Immunoglobulin G
IL2 IL-2, Interleukin 2
IL6 Interleukin6
ILA IL-12/IL-15, Interleukin-12/Interleukin-15
INK India Ink
IPD PBMCs for Intact Proviral DNA testing
LAA L-ascorbic Acid
LES Lesion
LFT Left
LPS Lipopolysaccaride
LSM Lymphocyte Separation Media
LVT L-var Target
LYB Lysis Buffer
MA1 MAC 101
MAC MAC Antigen
MAF MAC LR114F Culture Filtrate
MAS M. Avium Sensitin
MCH Mechanical Homogenization
MDB Middlebrook broth
MET Methanol
MFS Malaria Freezing Solution
MIF Merthoilate Formalin/Merthiolate-Iodine Formalin (MF/MIF)
MIT Quantiferon Gold and/or Quantiferon Gold Plus Mitogen tube
MPP For a mega peptide pool
MRN Messenger RNA
MT2 MT2 Cell Line
MTV For an MTB vaccine
MUC Mucins
N/A Not Applicable
NAS Nucleic Acid Stabilization Solution
NAT Sodium thioglycolate
NCL N-acetyl-L-cysteine
NDN NDVNS1, Newcastle disease virus with NS1 influenza protein
NDV NDVB1, Newcastle disease virus wild type
NDW Newcastle disease virus with W influenza protein
NIL Quantiferon Gold and/or Quantiferon Gold Plus Nil tube
NKC Natural Killer cells
NOH Sodium Hydroxide
NON None
NPI Neuropepsidase Inhibitor
NSK New Skin Lesion
NSL Normal Saline
NUC Nucleotides
OCT Optimum Cutting Temperature Medium
OKT OKT3 Treated
ORI Oricol
OTH Other
P24 P24
PAE Pseudomonas aeruginosa
PAR Parrafin
PBS Phosphate Buffered Saline
PCS PreserveCytSolution
PEI Pre-Infusion
PFM Paraformaldahyde
PHA PHA-Treated
PI1 S8820 Sigma SIGMAFAST Protease Inhibitor Tablets
PIC Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
PLC Placenta Tissue
PLD Plasma, Depleted
PLM Placenta Membrance
PMI Phorbol Myristate Acetate-Ionomycin
PPA Phosphoric Acid
PRS Protamine Sulfate
PTI Post-Infusion
PTK Proteinase-K
PTY Parathyroid
PVA Polyvinyl alcohol
PWM Pokeweed Mitogen
QMT QFT-Mitogen Purple Cap
QNL QFT-Nil Grey Cap
QTG QFT-TB1 Ag Green Cap
QTY QFT-TB2 Ag Yellow Cap
RDS RNA/DNA shield
RFW RNAse free water
RGT Right
RLT Buffer RLT Plus
RNL RNAlater
RNP RNA Protect
RPM RPMI 1640 Medium
RTB Reverse Transcriptase buffer
S52 Sendai 52 virus with defective infectious particules
SAU Staph aureus
SBC Sodium Bicarbonate
SCB Sodium Carbonate
SDS Second Spin
SEB Sigma Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B
SLD Slide from a primary sample
SNP Snap/Flash Freeze
SPG Sponge
SPN Streptococcus pneumoniae
SPS SMART TUBE INC Proteomic Stabilizer
STG Skim milk-Tryptone-Glucose-Glycerin Medium (STGG)
STM Stimulated by Multiple Antigens
SUB Sub Gingival Plaque
SUG Supragingival Plaque
SUP Cultural Supernatant
TB4 Quantiferon Gold and/or Quantiferon Gold Plus CD4 tube
TB8 Quantiferon Gold Plus (only) CD8 tube
TBD Specimen type to be defined
TBS Tris-Buffered Saline
TCA 1% Thimersol/ 6.6% EACA (Epsilon Amino Caproic Acid)
TCL T-cell Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
TCM Trichrome stain
TEB Tris-EDTA Buffer
TEM Tempus Tube
TFM Tissue Freezing Medium
TMD Myeloid dendritic cell non infected and treated with TSST
TMS Transport Medium-Stuarts
TND Myeloid dendritic cell infected with NDVW and treated with TSST
TOC Tocopherol (Vit E)
TPB Trypan Blue
TRI TriReagent
TRX Triton X
TRZ Trizol
TSC Myeloid dendritic cell infect w/ Sendai Cantell & treat w/ TSST
TSS TSST, Toxic-Shock Syndrome Toxin
TTX Tetanus Toxoid treated
UCT Urine cartridge
ULQ Upper Left Quadrant
UMB Placenta cord slice
UNK Unknown Sub A/D
UNT Untreated / Unstimulated
URE Urea
URQ Upper Right Quadrant
VCS Cervicovaginal Secretions
VIB Veal Infusion Broth
VIR Virus
VPS VP Stimulator
VPT VP Target
VTM Viral Transport Media
ZLN Ziehl Neelsen