Challenge codes

A challenge code is password that you must give to LDMS User Support to perform certain actions in LDMS.

Access to certain features in LDMS may be restricted for a number of reasons. For example, unimporting a received shipment can have very serious consequences. LDMS does not provide “undo” functionality to reverse such an action. A challenge code is a fail-safe mechanism that can prevent accidental changes to specimen data.

A challenge code will also be required after installing or upgrading LDMS, or after an unexpected system shutdown. In these situations, LDMS may display a description of the problem. Providing that description to LDMS User Support will help expedient unlocking LDMS.

If you attempt to access a feature locked with a challenge code, LDMS will prompt you for the response code.

You must contact LDMS User Support and give them the Challenge Code. If appropriate, they will provide you with the response code which will then unlock the feature for your use. The code will change each time the feature is accessed, and will be needed even if the feature was previously unlocked.

Figure: Prompt for challenge password. In this example, you would provide LDMS User Support with the code NOQEAS and they will provide you with the Response Code to access this feature.

Warning: Do not close the challenge password window before you obtain the Response Code. Doing so will cause a new Challenge Code to be generated, which will require a different Response Code.