Migrating from Windows to web versions

Laboratories currently using LDMS for Windows may be able to migrate to the web version.

Migration from the Windows to web version must be approved and coordinated by Frontier Science. Frontier Science will typically invite laboratories to migrate when it is appropriate to do so. Issues that need to be considered when migrating a laboratory include the following:

  • Are all projects that the laboratory participates in supported in the web version?
  • Are the features the laboratory is currently using supported in the web version?
  • Does the laboratory routinely work with laboratories using the Windows version?

It is possible to migrate a laboratory's existing LDMS for Windows data to the web version. To do this, the laboratory's Windows database must be obtained by LDMS User Support. Frontier Science will then convert the data to the appropriate format and test it internally for issues. If the database can be converted successfully, LDMS User Support will help get the laboratory setup with appropriate user accounts and training.