Getting Help

One of the unique things about LDMS is that Frontier Science, the not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains LDMS, works closely with both laboratories and research groups. These relationships allow LDMS User Support and LDMS Training to cater to each laboratory's specific needs.

There is a lot of LDMS documentation available on the Frontier Science Portal. Look for the LDMS Documentation and Training link under the LDMS User Support heading. In addition to this manual, there are also small, topic-specific reference and video tutorial that demonstrate how to use specific features in LDMS.

LDMS User Support is available to laboratories 24-hours per day, every day. They can assist you by telephone or by e-mail. They can even connect remotely to your LDMS computer to help. LDMS User Support can assist with more than just technical issues—they can also answer your questions about using specific features in LDMS.

LDMS Training is also available. In-depth training sessions are held at Frontier Science's data management center in Amherst, New York several times each year. There is no registration cost to attend these trainings (though travel accommodations are not provided by Frontier Science). Frontier Science can also arrange for a trainer to come to your site to assist you. Finally, web-based conference calls can be setup as needed to address specific LDMS usage topics.

LDMS Support Contact Information

LDMS User Support

Email or call (716)-834-0900 extension 7311

LDMS Training


Administrative Support


For the latest LDMS news and training information, visit the LDMS website.