Upgrading to the Latest version of LDMS

Frontier Science releases major updates for LDMS several times each year. An email notification is sent to users when a new version is available. It is important that you upgrade when a new version is released so that your laboratory has access to the most secure, stable, and feature-rich version available.

If you already have LDMS installed, you can upgrade to the latest version yourself by downloading and running a software update. To determine what version of LDMS you are currently using, click Help > About from the LDMS menu bar.


If you are running LDMS in a client-server setup, you must upgrade LDMS on the server prior to upgrading the client machines.

Upgrading LDMS

  1. Prepare for installation.

    • Using LDMS, create a current backup of your LDMS database.

    • Close all programs (including LDMS) on the computer. It is a good idea to reboot the machine.

    • Ensure that you have full local administrative privileges on the computer. These will be required to complete installation.

  2. Obtain the LDMS software update. There are two ways to get it:

    • Visit the Frontier Science website. Click the Get LDMS Updates link from the section entitled LDMS User Support. There you will find a link to download any available LDMS updates.

    • Get an installation DVD by contacting LDMS User Support.

  3. Run the installer.


    During installation, LDMS will need to update your LDMS database. The time required to complete this process will vary, depending on the amount of data at your laboratory. For large laboratories, this process could take several hours. Do not interrupt this process or turn off your computer.

  4. Once the update has finished, attempt to start LDMS. You will be prompted to contact LDMS User Support to unlock LDMS before you can use it again.

Figure: Table update window. This window will show the progress of updating your LDMS database during the upgrade; do not close this window or turn off your computer.

If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance upgrading, do not hesitate to contact LDMS User Support.