Setting the Default Label Size and Format

When you add or modify specimens in LDMS Specimen Management , you will be prompted to print new labels for the specimens. You can change the default label size and format selected for different groups, to avoid needing to select this information every time. You'll still be given the opportunity before creating the labels, however, to override the default settings.

Setting the default label size and format for a group

  1. Click Administration > Label Setup from the LDMS menu bar.

  2. Select the group for which you want to define the default label settings from the Group drop-down list.

  3. Select the desired label format for new specimen labels for this group from the Label Format drop-down list.

  4. Select the desired label stock size from the Label Size list.

  5. Click the OK button.

This can be done for multiple groups, meaning the default setting for one group can be different than another. If you are printing labels for specimens from different groups (such as co-enrollments), you'll be prompted to print labels for each group separately with the appropriate default label settings selected.