Printing Test Labels

It is possible to print a set of test labels so that you can see how a specific label will appear when printed with your hardware. This can be done using fake information that takes up the maximum amount of space, allowing you to see if there are any places on your label where the text may not fit correctly.

  1. Open the labels task by clicking the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  2. Select a group from the Group list in the upper-left corner.

  3. Select a label format from the Format box on the right.

  4. Select a label size from the list of label stock on the left.

  5. Click the button.

    The Create Alignment Report window will open. The following options can be set:

    Number of sample label rows

    This is the number of rows test specimen labels to generate per page.


    Whether or not to generate a preview.


    Do not deselect this option. This option must be enabled or the test labels will not be generated.

    Show field names

    The name of each item on the label will appear next to it.


    This can affect the appearance of the labels, and should not be used as a representation of what the labels will actually look like.

    Show all positions

    Each row will show the amount of space used by the current label format and the amount available space, based on the label stock size. The X on the label means that information could be printed there, while O means that it is free space. For example, if a row has two items and each has a length of 8, then the row will have 26 X show, and the rest of the row will show O. This will help you see if your labels have extra spaced based on the size you are using.

  6. When the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer opens, click the Print button from the toolbar to print the test labels.