Merging Participants

Participants can be merged in LDMS with the assistance of LDMS User Support.

About this task

Suppose you realize that you have a participant with two different enrollments. For example, you have two different participants enrolled in two different studies, then later realized that these two participants are actually the same person, and should have been listed under the same participant record as two different enrollments. This could happen if, when entering the specimens into LDMS, the user didn't add two rows to the participant grid and instead entered each set of specimens separately.

LDMS can correct issues like this by combining participant records. This feature, however, is not accessible to users. The reason for this restriction is because incorrect use of the feature could significantly damage data in your LDMS database in a way that would be difficult to correct.

If you need to combine participants, contact LDMS User Support. They will be able to access this feature and make the correction for you.