Finding and Modifying Participant Information

LDMS Patient Management is used to add, view, or modify study participants in LDMS. This isn't the only way to add patients in LDMS (you can also use Specimen Management to add participants when entering specimen information), but it is the only way to modify an existing participant's information.

Figure: Patient Management Screen

You can bring up participants that have already been entered to add them to new studies, change their identifier (e.g. to fix a data entry error) and to add them to a new group.

Modifying an existing participant:

  1. Click Tasks > Patient Management from the LDMS menu bar or click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  2. At the bottom of Patient Management screen, select the group from the drop-down.

  3. Select the identifier from the drop-down.

  4. Click the Find button.

  5. Modify the patient information as necessary, such as adding or deleting rows, or modifying identifiers.

  6. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

A common change you'll need to make is updating patients enrolled in the study NOSID. For many groups, it is acceptable to enter NOSID as the study identifier when entering specimens. After the participant is assigned to a study, you need to use Patient Management to update the patient information, which will cascade to all previously logged specimens.


If you entered specimens using NOSID, then (once an SID has been assigned) you start entering specimens with the new SID, you will end up with two different enrollments (one with the SID and one with NOSID) when there is in fact only one. This mistake can be difficult to correct and will usually require LDMS User Support's assistance.

Once a SID has been assigned to a participant previously entered with NOSID, you must immediately update the NOSID before adding any more specimens for that participant.