Setting up the Brady BBP11-34L printer

These instructions will help ensure that your printer is set up to work correctly with LDMS.

About this task

This printer is known to work with the following label and stock settings in LDMS:

label stock
LDMS label
Barcode Label 9


  1. Open the printer settings from the Windows Start menu.
    These are typically found in Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click the icon for your printer, and click Printing preferences.
  3. On the Page Setup tab, under Stock click New.
  4. Enter the dimensions 1.75″ × 1.00″.
    These are the dimensions for the THT-183-461-0.5-SC label stock. If you are using a different stock, enter the appropriate dimensions.
  5. Click Advanced Options, and verify that the horizontal and vertical offset options are set to 0″.
  6. On the Stock tab, enter the following into the Media settings:
    Thermal transfer
    Labels with marks
    Mark height
    0.08 in
    Mark offset
    0.00 in
  7. On the Options tab, enter the following into the Printer options:
    Print speed
    2.00 in/sec
  8. Click OK.
  9. In LDMS, set the printer as your label printer.

What to do next

After the printer is set up, you should print a set of test labels to ensure that it is working correctly.