Setting up the LabXpert printer

These instructions will help ensure that your printer is set up to work correctly with LDMS.


  1. Open the printer settings from the Windows Start menu.
    These are typically found in Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click the icon for your printer, and click Printing preferences.
  3. Expand the Paper/Output settings, and click Properties text to Paper Size.
  4. In the Paper Size box, select the appropriate paper size.
  5. In the Devices and Printers window, right click the LabXpert icon, and click Properties.
  6. On the Ports tab, enter the following settings:
    Bits per second
    Data bits
    Stop bits
    Flow control
  7. Configure the printer to accept input from your LDMS computer.
    Important: This step must be completed every time the printer is turned on.
    1. On the printer, press the Menu button.
    2. Press the Next button three times.
    3. Press the PC button.
  8. In LDMS, set the printer as your label printer.

What to do next

After the printer is set up, you should print a set of test labels to ensure that it is working correctly.