The ACTG/IMPAACT preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required* 8 characters long, 7 numbers and one letter between A and L; if the PID does not have 7 numbers, add leading zeros to the front of it.

*This requirement can be disabled by Frontier Science for certain studies.

ID2 (Protocol) Required Select from the pre-defined list of protocols.
ID3 Optional LDMS will remember previously entered ID3s and automatically populate ID3 when the same group-PID-protocol combination is entered.
Visit Required Select from pre-defined list of visit units.
OPID Available --
Clinic Required LDMS will automatically populate the clinic using one previously entered for the same PID, protocol, and SID combination.
Specimen Time Depends If you do not have a specimen time recorded on your CRF, contact the clinic that collected the specimen from the participant. This field is required for specimens with a specimen date of 01 January 2004 or later; it is optional for specimens prior to that date. This requirement can be overridden for specimens after this date, if necessary.
Received Time Optional --


  • ACTG/IMPAACT uses the standard LDMS Shipping File format to ship between ACTG and IMPAACT laboratories using LDMS.
  • ACTG/IMPAACT requires specimens to be labeled with a 2D barcode and label from LDMS; LDMS comes with label formats for ACTG setup and ready to use.
  • ACTG and IMPAACT are listed as a combined group throughout LDMS (ACTG/IMPAACT).
  • Preloads are permitted for the ACTG/IMPAACT group, but users are not permitted to create their own. All ACTG preloads are created by Frontier Science in collaboration with network leadership.