The IPREX preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required Must by 5 to 7 characters long and a valid IPREX PID; NOPID is a valid PID, unless the SID is NOSID.
ID2 (Protocol) Required --
ID3 (SID) Required Must be 11 characters long, with the first 2 digits being the clinic and the last five being the screening number in the range 80001-99999
Visit Required --
OPID Optional --
Clinic Required Must be 3 characters long in the format I[86 to 97] (such as I92)
Draw Time Optional --
Received Time Optional --


  • IPREX using the LDMS Shipping File format.
  • When entering sero-conversion visits, use the visit unit SC. The visit value should be the same as the originally scheduled visit.
  • When entering sero-positive visits, use the visit unit SP. The visit value should be the number of weeks after the seroconversion visit.