The VTN preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required LDMS checks that the PID is valid. Must be 9 or 10 characters. A PID cannot be changed without approval from VTN Laboratory Leadership.
ID2 (Protocol) Required LDMS checks that the PID and protocol combination are valid.
ID3 Disabled --
Visit Required Use VST for routine HIV diagnostic visits, otherwise use the appropriate visit unit. This visit unit is used by certain laboratories for driving testing algorithms.
OPID Disabled --
Clinic Required The clinic is automatically populated based on the PID; the same clinical location can be associated with multiple clinic IDs (e.g. for Phase I/II or Phase II/III). VTN clinics start with the letter V (such as V101 instead of 101). LDMS will verify that a VTN clinic was selected.
Specimen Time Required --
Received Time Required --


  • Throughout LDMS, HVTN is listed as VTN.
  • The volume for VTN specimens will default to ML.
  • Within VTN, LDMS Shipping files are sometimes called “e-manifests”.
  • Barcodes must be printed on labels for VTN specimens.
  • Quick Add templates are not permitted for VTN specimens.
  • Information for study CoVPN 5001 should be logged under VTN study 5001.