The WIHS preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required Must meet WIHS PID format requirements
ID2 (Protocol) Required Select from pre-populated list
ID3 (SID) Optional --
Visit Required The visit unit will default to VST, and the visit number will be automatically populated based on an algorithm that uses the current date
OPID Optional --
Clinic Optional --
Specimen Time Optional --
Received Time Optional --

WIHS PID format

1 NYC (Bronx)
2 Brooklyn
3 Washington, D.C.
4 Los Angeles
5 San Francisco
6 Chicago
2B New recruit
0B Original recruit
1B Original recruit
Any character; an algorithm will determine if the character is valid based on the read of the PID.


  • WIHS shipments being sent to Precision Bioservices (formally SeraCare) use the SeraCare shipping file format.
  • Quick Add templates are permitted for WIHS, and users are expected to create and use template for WIHS data entry.
  • Collection Date and Received Date will automatically be set to your local date.