The ZIP preset group has these requirements.

Data entry requirements

Field Required? Note
ID1 (PID) Required Must be a 6-digit (for ID2=ZIP) or 7-digit (for other ID2 values). Following the digits, there must be a letter. A hard check should run to ensure the first two digits match to a corresponding ZIP clinic code ZXX.
ID2 (Study) Required Use allowed studies (ZIP, Z1.0, or Z2.0)
ID3 (Screening ID) Required It must be in the format SAAXXXX, where AA is a valid clinic number (i.e., ZAA) and XXXX is any numeric number.
Visit Value and Vist Unit Required --
Clinic Required The LDMS will automatically populate the correct, corresponding clinic ID based off of the entered PID. If a corresponding clinic ID is not found, leave the clinic field blank and select a value.
Specimen Date Required --
Specimen Time Required --
Received Date Required --
Received Time Required --


  • The application must allow FSTRF and user defined preloads for this project.
  • The application must not restrict the user from co-enrolling specimens for this project.