SeraCare shipping files.

LDMS can generate (but not receive) “SeraCare” shipping files that meet these requirements.

Column Label Example Value Notes
Global Spec ID 0777-001MWK00-286 --
group FRONTIER The group for which the specimen was collected.
PID 0111111C Participant ID (ID1)
VID 8 Visit value.
VID Unit Vst Visit unit.
Collection Date 1-Mar-13 Collection date
Collection Time 1:00 Collection time.
Prim BLD Primary type.
Der BLD Derivative type.
Add ACD Additive type.
Other Spec ID PLORQ --
Volume 1 --
Volume Unit ML --
Custom Local ID -- --
Box BOX 2 Name of shipping container.
Row,Col 1,1 Position in shipping container.
Condition SAT --
Comment This is a comment --
Protocol F5308 The protocol (ID2) for which the specimen was collected.
Sub/Der N/A Sub-additive/derivative type.