Cross-LIMS shipping files

LDMS can generate and accept cross-LIMS shipping files that meet these requirements.

  • The file must be a tab delimited text file with the .txt file extension.
  • The first line in the file must be a header row.
  • The file must contain, at minimum, all required columns (in any order) to be processed by LDMS.
  • When a cross-LIMS shipping file is generated by LDMS, all columns listed in the following table will be included.
  • If additional columns are present in a cross-LIMS file, those columns will be ignored.
  • Cross-LIMS shipping import sets the clinic value for VTN records based on the PID. This allows LDMS labs to receive cross-LIMS shipments of VTN samples if needed.
Column Label Example Value Required Notes
SHIP_ID 0500-0999-0000000147 Yes In the format [Sending_Lab_ID]-Receiving_Lab_ID]-[Shipment_Number]; leading zeros must be added to make the ID the correct length (for example 500-19-147 is not valid, but 0500-0019-0000000147 is valid)
SHIP_DATE 06-Jan-16 No Date shipped. Date must be in the format dd-Mmm-yy
RECIPIENT 999 Yes Receiving laboratory's ID
SHIPPED_FROM 500 Yes Sending laboratory's ID
GLOBAL_ID GEQ00017-03 No A valid LDMS global specimen ID
group FRONTIER Yes The group for which the specimen was collected.
PROTOCOL F5309 Yes The protocol (ID2) for which the specimen was collected
PID 0777777F Yes The participant identifier (ID1)
VID 7 Yes The visit value
VID_UNIT Day Yes The visit unit. Must be a valid LDMS visit code
COLL_DT_TM 17-Jan-05 09:12 Yes Collection date and time, in the format dd-Mmm-yy HH:mm, using 24-hour clock
PRIM BLD Yes Primary type. Must be a valid LDMS primary code.
DER PL2 Yes Derivative type. Must be a valid LDMS derivative code.
SUBDER N/A Yes Sub-additive/derivative type. Must be a valid LDMS sub-additive/derivative code.
ADD EDT Yes Additive type. Must be a valid LDMS additive code
QTY 1 Yes Volume of the specimen collected.
QTY_UNIT ML Yes Volume unit. Must be a valid LDMS volume unit code.
CONDITION SAT No Condition of the specimen. Must be a valid LDMS condition code.
OTHERSPECID VTN No Other Specimen ID. Must be alpha/numeric with a max field length of 17 characters.
TIME 0.00 No Must include the Additional Time. Format must be numeric/decimal with precision to two decimals.
TIMEUNIT HRS, TR, or RAN No Must include Additional Time Unit Abbreviation. The field must be three characters long.
COMMENT This is a comment No A comment about the specimen.
BOX #1-1 No Name of shipping container
ROW 1 No Row in shipping container (from top-to-bottom)
COL 1 No Column in shipping container (from left-to-right)