Compatibility with LDMS for the web

LDMS for Windows is capable of importing shipments that were created using the web version of LDMS. In order ship files to or receive shipments from laboratories using web LDMS, you must be using LDMS for Windows version 10.0 or higher.

There are a few key differences between LDMS for Windows and web LDMS that can affect the shipment of specimens.

  • Web LDMS uses a different format for the global specimen ID; however, the global specimen ID will never be changed during shipment. This means that the global specimen ID will look different, depending on where the specimen originated.

  • Web LDMS does not assign a specimen ID. If you import a shipment sent from a WebLDMS laboratory, LDMS for Windows will assign a specimen ID automatically.

  • Web LDMS allows the shipment and storage of primary specimens; LDMS for Windows does not. If you import a shipment in LDMS for Windows that contains a primary that has no aliquots, it will automatically be converted into an aliquot.

For more information about compatibility between LDMS for Windows and Web LDMS, see the Web LDMS User Manual.