Error with shipment destination

The receiving laboratory must be specified when creating a shipment in LDMS. When the receiving laboratory attempts to import the shipping file, LDMS will check to verify that the laboratory that was supposed to get the shipment is that laboratory that received it. This is one way LDMS helps avoid the wrong laboratory getting the wrong shipment through human error.

It is possible, however, that the laboratory that prepared the shipment selected the wrong receiving laboratory in LDMS but shipped to the correct laboratory. If this error is discovered before the shipment was sent, the sending laboratory can simply unship it and make the correction. If the shipment has been sent, other steps would be needed.

If the sending laboratory still has a copy of the LDMS shipping file, then they must change the batch to unshipped, correct the shipment destination and then re-send the corrected shipping batch file to the receiving laboratory. If the sending laboratory no longer has a copy of the original, incorrect shipping file, then the sending laboratory must contact LDMS User Support for assistance with updating the shipping file.

If the shipment has already been sent, the receiving laboratory will be given a warning about the discrepancy when trying to import the shipping file. At this point, the receiving laboratory should chose not to import the file and instead get a correct file from the sending laboratory. LDMS will allow the receiving laboratory to import the shipping file with the incorrect destination, but this issue is much more difficult to correct if the warning is ignored.