Lost or Unsatisfactory Shipment

If the entire shipment is lost and never received, LDMS information needs to be updated to reflect the event. If this does not happen, one laboratory will show the specimens have shipped to another laboratory, where those specimens don’t exist. Later, when the data is viewed later, it won’t be clear where the specimens are located and what happened to them.

The receiving laboratory should import the affected shipment. During the import process, you will have the opportunity to adjust the condition of the specimens. If the shipment was lost, the condition code for all specimens in the shipment should be changed to LSH (Lost Shipment) and apply the never store property to all of the specimens. If another condition applies—for example, if the specimens were left outside during winter and frozen—that code should be selected. If the specimens are in a state that they will not be saved, the never story property should also be applied to them.

In either case, if replacement specimens are available, those specimens should be sent to the receiving laboratory.