Selecting a Shipment Destination

LDMS shipping files can be generated for any laboratory. If the intended destination uses LDMS, all you need to do is select it from a list. If the laboratory is not using LDMS, you will need to enter additional information. This is done on the Shipment Destination tab.

Shipping to an LDMS Laboratory:

  1. Select either the Contact, Lab Number, or Lab Name radio button, depending on which you want to look for.

  2. Select the appropriate contact or laboratory from the drop down list.

  3. Review the address information that was populated.

  4. Select the person who should receive the shipment at the receiving laboratory from the Contact at Sending Lab section on the left; you can also enter in a new contact and telephone number.

  5. Enter any additional comments for the recipient into the comments box; this information will appear on the shipping manifest and should not contain PHI or PII.

Shipping to a Laboratory without LDMS:

  1. Select the Lab Number radio button.

  2. Select one of the following:

    • Select 0-Unassigned Lab Code if this will be a one-time shipment or if the shipment is intended for a laboratory using Labware that has not been assigned an LDMS laboratory ID

    • Select 999000 Select to Enter New Address if you want to save the address for future use.

  3. Enter the receiving laboratory's information; the contents of the comments field will appear on the shipping manifest and should not contain PHI or PII.

  4. Click the Save Address button.

If you elected to save the address for future use, it will now appear in the laboratory drop-down with the laboratory ID number 999xxx, where xxx is the next available number.

If you've selected all the aliquots that you want to ship and the shipping destination, be sure to click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

The shipping information for LDMS laboratories

Frontier Science maintains a master database of laboratories using LDMS. The information that is stored includes the laboratory's shipping address and individuals working at the laboratory who are authorized to act as points of contact for receiving shipments.

When laboratories perform a data export, they automatically receive small database updates. Updates to contact information are one of these important updates. These updates are released several times each month.

If you need to update the shipping or shipping contact information for your laboratory or an employee at your laboratory, you can do so on the Frontier Science Portal. Look for the Submit Contact Changes link under the LDMS User Support heading.