Finding Containers to Ship

It is possible to ship any storage unit in LDMS,1 whether it be a container of specimens or an entire freezer. Shipping a container is in fact one of the most expedient ways to send aliquots to another laboratory. Simply add them to the container in LDMS Storage , then just ship the container. For many laboratories, this is a lot more efficient and a lot easier than finding all of the individual specimens that need to be shipped.

To ship any container, it must be marked for shipping in LDMS Storage . If it is not marked in LDMS Storage , it will not appear as available to Ship.

To select a container to ship, change to the Setup Shipment tab and select Storage Items button.

Figure: Adding storage items to a shipment. On the left are marked storage items; on the right are storage items that have been added to the shipping batch. To move a storage item, select it and click the Add to batch or Remove from batch button respectively.


Although large containers like freezers and shelves can be shipped, they will require approval. You will automatically be prompted by LDMS to obtain this approval.