Viewing and Modifying Shipments

On the View Shipment tab, you can view all the shipments that your laboratory has prepared, sent, and received. Each row on the View Shipment tab represents one shipment. The status column shows you the type of shipment it is (with Batched being a shipment that you have prepared but not sent).

Figure: View Shipment Tab

To modify a shipment with the status of Batched, simply select it, then change to the appropriate tab, such as Shipment Destination to change the receiving laboratory or Setup Shipment to add more specimens. When you are done, click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

You can modify batches that have been shipped. This is because "shipping" in LDMS means generating a shipping file—you still likely have the shipment in your possession after generating the shipping file in LDMS, at least for a little while. If you discover that you made a mistake, you need to un-ship the batch in LDMS, which will allow you to make changes and generate a new shipping file and manifest.

To un-ship a batch after you have created a shipping file, right-click on the batch on the View Shipment tab and select Unship Batch. This will change its status from Sent back to Batched so you can edit it again. To change it back to Sent, you would follow the normal shipping process. You can use the right-click menu to delete a shipment with the status Batched as well.


Un-shipping an LDMS batch requires the original shipping file. The shipping file must be in a directory named with the batch number (e.g. C:\342\342 for batch number 342); this is the same as the default location where LDMS creates new shipping files. If you do not have this shipping file, you will need to re-generate it. This requirement does not apply to non-LDMS shipping files, such as CSV files