Specimen container conditions

These condition codes describe physical problems with the specimen’s container. If there is a qualitative issue with the specimen as a result of the container issue, a qualitative code may be more appropriate.

Table 1. Specimen container conditions
Code Description Usage
BKV Broken Vial The container was broken beyond recovery, such as being dropped and shattered on the ground.
DMG Damaged The container is not leaking, but is damaged in another way, such as a tear in a label or a dent in a plastic container.
EXP Expired The additive in a container, or some other component used during specimen collection, was expired.
INT Incorrect Tube A tube type other than the one specified by the protocol was used, and the tube used was determined to be an acceptable alternative by the study team.
LKD Leaked The specimen leaked from the container, and it was placed inside another container and recovered.