Other conditions

These condition codes are either automatically assigned to specimens or indicate some combination of issues. The default condition code that is assigned to all new specimens is SAT (satisfactory).

Table 1. Other conditions
Code Description Usage
ANM Anonymized The specimen was created using the anonymization tool in LDMS. This code is automatically assigned by LDMS and cannot be assigned manually.
COC Combination of Codes More than one condition code applies; the comments field in LDMS can be used to list the applicable codes.
DSR Destroyed The specimen has been destroyed.
OTH Other There is something noteworthy or unusual about the specimen, but no other available condition code applies.
SAT Satisfactory The default condition code for new specimens, indicating that the specimen was collected, processed, and handled as expected.
UNK Unknown Indicates that there is a significant gap in knowledge in the specimen’s history. For example, if the specimen was collected by another laboratory that was not using LDMS and is several years old, and it may have been stored or treated improperly, this code may be appropriate.
YST Did consent to storage The participant has provided consent to storage of the specimen.
NST Did not consent to storage The participant did not provide consent to storage of the specimen.