Shipping conditions

These condition codes apply to issues with a specimen shipment where the specimens are unaccounted for or were received late. If the shipping issue damaged the specimens, a temperature-related code such as DIM (dry ice melted) may be more appropriate.

Table 1. Shipping conditions
Code Description Usage
DSH Delayed Shipment A shipment did not occur on schedule, but there is no obvious damage to the specimens. If there was obvious damage, a more descriptive, temperature-related code (such as DIM or TNO) may be more appropriate.
LSH Lost Shipment A shipment was created and sent, but did not arrive at the receiving laboratory. Neither the shipping nor the receiving laboratory can locate it.
SNR Sample Not Received A data collection form, such as a CRF, was received, but a specimen listed on the form was not received. This differs from LSH in that only some specimens were not received, compared to an entire shipment.