Assigning an Assay to Aliquots

Similar to marking aliquots for shipment, aliquots can also be flagged to be run on an assay. On the LDMS Assays screen, you can then quickly find all aliquots that have been assigned a specific assay but not yet tested.


You must assign the aliquot the assay before results can be read by LDMS; this step is no optional. You will not find an aliquot in LDMS Assays until you assign it to a test.

Flagging an aliquot for an assay

  1. Select the aliquot(s) to which you want to assign an assay from the Aliquot Grid.

  2. Right click on the aliquot(s) and select Test Setup.

  3. Find the assay you want to assign, and double click on it; this will added it to the Tests Setup table below.

  4. Click the button, and then click the button.


Clicking the Done button without clicking the Save button will not save your changes.

You'll see that the button for the aliquots now has a T code on it, indicating that the aliquots have been assigned a test. To remove the test assignment, simply return to Test Setup, highlight the test, and click the button.