Marking Aliquots for Shipment

Marking aliquots for shipment makes them easier to find later when you're setting up a shipment. Marking for shipment is not the same as creating a shipment or adding aliquots to an existing shipment; it simply flags the aliquots as intended for shipment. You are not required to mark aliquots before shipping them, but doing so can make the processing easier.

Marking aliquots for shipment

  1. In the Aliquot Grid on the LDMS Specimen Management screen, select the aliquots to be marked for shipment (use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple aliquots).

  2. Right-click on the aliquots, then select All Selected Mark for Shipping. (The Mark for Shipping option only marks the aliquot that was clicked, not all the ones that are highlighted.)

  3. Enter the Shipping Category, Intended Shipping Date, and Intended Receiving Lab.

After marking aliquots for shipping, the will show the I code, meaning "intended for shipment".

The Shipping Category, Intended Shipping Date, and Intended Receiving Lab correspond to criteria that you can search for on the Setup Shipment tab in LDMS Shipping . They correspond to MARKED SHIPS, INTENDED REC LAB, and INTENDED SHIP DATE respectively. They have no enforced semantic meaning (meaning if you selected monthly for the Shipping Category, you're not locked into only sending that aliquot in a monthly shipment), though you will see a warning if the intended and actual destination differ.