Using Never Store

Never store is a unique property that can be assigned to an aliquot in LDMS. It means that a specimen is unavailable. An examples of a specimen to which it would be appropriate to assign never store would be an aliquot that was destroyed—it will never be stored or shipped because it no longer exists.

In LDMS, an aliquot set with never store will not appear on the Bulk Add tab in LDMS Storage . It will still appear on shipping screens and can be shipped, but it will be highlighted in red.

You can see if an aliquot has never store assigned to it by clicking on the aliquot button in LDMS Specimen Management . If the aliquot hasn't been shipped or added to storage, this is also where you can change its status to never store.

Some condition codes will automatically cause an aliquot to be flagged with never store.

Table 1. Condition codes that will automatically assign never store to a specimen
Code Description
ANP Aliquot Not Prepared
CDT Consumed During Testing
DSR Destroyed
LSH Lost Shipment
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient
SNC Sample Not Collected
SNP Sample Not Processed
SNR Sample Not Received