Correcting an ID1 for a Specimen

In LDMS, ID1 is used to uniquely identify a study participant across many visits (and even across multiple studies). The name for ID1 varies across groups, including PID, PTID, MSCSID, etc. The integrity of this identifier is very important.

For this reason, many groups have specific instructions on how to remediate an error with an ID1 entry. Some groups will not permit any changes to an ID1 after it has been entered; other groups may allow changes but only after approval by the group has been given. The exact rules vary from group to group, so it is very important to discuss the issue with the affected group once the error is discovered.

If you do need to make an approved ID1 change, the safest way to do so is to use the extended search feature in Specimen Management. This will allow you to restrict Specimen Management to show only the affected records that need to be changed. This will help ensure that you change all of the records that need updated.


If you are unsure if it is acceptable to make a change to enrollment information for a participant for a specific group, contact that group for further guidance before attempting to make a change. Some laboratories may also have their own stricter rules that prohibit modifying enrollment information.

If a participant was entered incorrectly such that two different participants are actually the same person this is a correction that you cannot make on your own. You will need to contact LDMS User Support for assistance merging the two participants.

After changing an ID1, corrected labels need to be printed and the specimens re-labeled. If the specimens have been shipped to another laboratory, the correction should be made at both laboratories as well.

Once all approved changes have been made, you should review the affective participants and specimens in Specimen Management to ensure that everything is correct. It is also important to confirm that any other laboratories that had the specimen(s) have also made the changes, so that LDMS data is consistent across laboratories.