Astro Numbered Specimen


This feature is currently only available for the internal group SIP-13. This group must be created manually.

An astro number is a sequential hexadecimal number that is assigned to an aliquot's other specimen ID. It is pulled from a range of numbers that were specified by you. When entering an aliquot in LDMS Specimen Management , LDMS picks the next available number within that range, and assigns it to the aliquot.

Specifying the astro number range

  1. From the LDMS menu bar, select Administration > Add Astro Number Block

  2. Enter an 8-digit hexadecimal number into the Starting Number and Ending Number fields

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. After all number ranges have been assigned, click the Done button.

You can also remove numbering blocks this way as well. Blocks can only be removed if they are not currently in use, which is indicated by the In Use column. This means that a specimen has been assigned an astro number from within that number range already.

In LDMS Specimen Management , astro numbers are triggered and assigned automatically, provided that you selected the SIP-13 group. The astro number will be assigned to the other specimen ID for aliquots (but not primaries). Each aliquot is assigned a unique astro number.