Culture Derivative

Culture derivatives are the specimen remnants after a culture is terminated. Creating and terminating cultures is done in LDMS Assays. Since LDMS is aliquot-based, you can't do certain things with a culture itself (such assigning a storage location). To do these things, you'll need to create an aliquot (or aliquots) derived from the culture.

Logging a culture derivative

  1. Locate the aliquot in LDMS Specimen Management that was used to create the culture.

  2. Click the button.


    If you receive a message that no cultures were found, it means that you have not yet created the culture from this specimen in LDMS Assays.

  3. Select the culture from the top from which you will be creating an aliquot(s).

  4. Complete the aliquot information (# of Aliqots, Vol, etc) as appropriate.

  5. Click the button to create the aliquots.

  6. You will be prompted as to whether you would like to specify a specimen ID manually (which will be applied to all of the aliquots you are creating).