Pharmacology Controls


This method of entering pharmacology controls should no longer be used. Use the PK QA Lot Entry feature instead.

Pharmacology control specimens must be entered into LDMS Specimen Management before they can be used on a pharmacology assay.

Entering pharmacology control specimens

  1. Open LDMS Specimen Management

  2. From the Group selection field, select CONTROL.

  3. Enter the CONTROLNAME, PROTOCOL and (optionally) ID3.

  4. Enter the date that the control specimen was prepared into the Spec[imen] Date and Rec[ieved] Date fields.

  5. Enter 00:00 into the Spec[imen] Time field.

  6. Enter the number of control tubes into the # of tubes field, and then click the button.

  7. In the Time field for the primary, enter 0.00 and select Random from the Time Unit list.

  8. Complete the remaining specimen information as normal.

Once the controls are added, you will also need to assign them to the PK assay. You can do this while you create the control specimens by right-clicking them in the aliquot grid and selecting Test Setup, or by using the Assign Tests tool to locate specimens in the CONTROL group.