Pharmacology Specimens

Pharmacology protocols utilize the Time and Time Unit fields in the Primary Grid to record the expected time point for the draw. For example, if you were expected to draw a PK specimen at 2 hours, select 2 for the time and hours for the time unit. The Spec[imen] Time is stilled used to document the time the specimen was actually drawn (in 24-hour format).

Intracellular Pharmacology specimens have a few extra fields for entry. When you select the IPK derivative code for an aliquot, you'll automatically be prompted to enter this information.

Entering Intracellular Pharmacology Aliquots

  1. Enter the number of cells per aliquot into the Volume field and select CEL from the Units in the aliquot grid.

  2. Select the Derivative type IPK.

  3. Click the button to add the new aliquot. This will cause a dialogue window to appear asking for the methanol volume for the aliquot.

  4. Enter the methanol volume and units or select IPK Methanol Vol is not available.

After entering the methanol volume, you can view or change it later by clicking on the aliquot button.