Storage Change Log (Transactions)

LDMS automatically tracks changes that you make to storage. The record of each change is called a transaction. When you exit LDMS, these transactions are automatically deleted. The change still happened; only the record of it is not saved.

For some networks and at some laboratories, you may need to have audit-able storage records on hand. To keep records of storage transactions, you need to manually save them. Saving a transaction is also synonymous with creating a comment for the transaction.


LDMS will not save transactions automatically; you must do this. If you exit LDMS entirely without saving them, they are lost forever.

Figure: The Transaction tab and Storage Open Transactions window. The Storage Open Transactions window shows changes that were made during the current session. These records must be saved by you or they will be lost when you exit LDMS.

Saving records of transactions from the current session:

  1. On the Transactions tab, click the button.

  2. Select the transaction(s) that you want to save. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple transactions.

  3. Click the button.

  4. Enter a comment for each transactions. This comment can be used to track why you saved a transaction or what was significant about it. If you do not wish to enter a comment, leave it blank and simply click the Save button.

  5. If you selected multiple transactions, you can use the same comment for all of them (instead of being prompted for each transaction) by selecting the Apply comment to all check box.

If there are any transactions that have not been saved, you will be prompted to view them when you try to leave LDMS Storage . It's a good idea to review them and make sure that there are none that you need to save. You can use the Delete button to remove unsaved transactions that you know you don't need to save; the Clear button can be used to remove all unsaved transactions.

To view saved transactions, simply enter your search criteria (such as a date range or a type of transaction) and click the button. Saved transactions will appear at the bottom.

How to view saved transaction comments:

  1. Select the transaction that you would like to view.

  2. Click the button from the LDMS toolbar.

  3. If you want to modify the comment, you can do so, and then click the Save button.


Want to view a summary of saved transactions and comments? Search for them and then click the button from the LDMS toolbar. This will generate the Storage Transactions Report. If you run this report without searching, you'll find all saved transactions.