Moving and Re-arranging Stored Items

Moving specimens between different containers (and within the same container), as well as moving levels within freezers and other levels, is done on the Move tab within LDMS Storage . This is also how you would re-arrange a storage unit's content.

Moving specimens or storage containers

  1. Find and select the storage unit to be moved from the Storage Structure list on the left.

  2. Find the destination storage unit from the Destination list on the right.

  3. Select and drag the storage unit to be moved from the left side to the right.

  4. Place the storage unit or specimens into the destination by doing one of the following:

    • Select a location in the container, and then click the button. This must be done for every unit being moved. The order they are added is the order in which they were selected.

    • Select a starting location in the container, select the Start here check box, and then click the button. This will place the specimen into the container based on its fill order, starting with the selected location. This must be done for every storage unit being moved.

    • Select a starting location, select the Start here option, and then click the button. This will add all specimens being added based on the container's fill order. This will also enable the Automatically Assign Positions option for the remainder of your LDMS Storage session.


There is no undo functionality when performing a move. Since moves take effect immediately, you will need to correct any mistakes by moving specimens or containers to the correct location.


If you want to re-arrange a unit's contents, such as rearranging specimens in a box, simply move them to the same container. For example, if you move specimens from one box, to the same box, you'll be allowed to select new locations for them.