The Storage Structure List Explained

You may have noticed that the left side of the Main View, Container View, Move, and Bulk Add tabs in LDMS is identical. This list is called the Storage Structure and it shows your actual storage items and specimens. It also allows you to set a few options for storage levels/containers, and storage in general.

By selecting a storage item from the Storage Structure list and then clicking the button, you can access more options for that storage unit. This is similar to the details button in LDMS Specimen Management in that it allows you to assign comments to storage locations and mark items for shipment.

Figure: The storage details window

The Storage Comments field allows you to add details about a storage level, such as special handling instructions. These comments can also be viewed in LDMS Specimen Management , on the Aliquot Details window. Storage comments, unlike Specimen Management comments, are not included when specimens are shipped and will not be exported to Frontier Science; they are for your internal use.

There is also an button at the bottom of the list. This button allows you to access two settings that affect how storage items are added and moved.

What does the Resequence button do?

You might think that the Resequence button on a the Details window is used to re-arrange specimens in a box. In truth, the button is actually a legacy feature for when many laboratories were converting data from RLMP, another laboratory software program, to LDMS. The feature has not been removed from LDMS, in the event that old data needs to be processed.