The HIV Algorithm Workflow System (HAWS)

The HIV Algorithm Workflow System (HAWS) is an application for managing the workflow and data capture processes associated with HIV studies. HAWS walks the user through a series of steps for a patient visit, collecting assay results from the user, managing requests for specimen redraws, and ultimately determining the final result of the testing work for the patient visit.

HAWS works by assigning visits to algorithms. Each algorithm determines what specimens need to be tested and what assays need to be run for the visit. Depending on the results of each assay, the algorithm may assign additional assays to be run. In this way, HAWS acts like a flow chart, guiding the user from a visit to a final result, helping them keep track of individual results and the next step needed in the process.

HAWS also includes many other tools useful for completing HIV testing work, such as the ability to generate final reports for several patient visits at once, print listings of specimens to be tested along with their storage locations, and the ability to interact with data stored in LDMS.